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Safety Values

Our Mission – since the development of Allison Companies, our leadership and team members have valued the daily health and safety of all individuals as an organizational initiative and continuous, company wide goal. Due to this core foundation, all team members and associated parties are empowered and obligated to proactively address and halt any job that endangers the health and safety of people and/or the environment. All management and personnel at Allison Companies are committed to the following key elements:

Hank RobardsCEO

-Facilitating an environment where the health and safety of people, and the protection of the environment are viewed as core values.

-Maintaining an organizational culture that respects everyone’s individual contribution towards our goal of continuous improvement.

-Developing the competence of people as our greatest asset to achieving success.

-Maintaining respectful compliance with all applicable regulations, and where possible, implementing best practice to go above and beyond basic regulatory requirements.

-Ensuring integrity of Allison’s assets through professional operations and sound business practices.

-Identifying operational hazards and managing the risks to a level that ensures integrity of the operation and safety of people.

-Investigating all injuries and incidents of non conformance identified during the course of audits and inspections of the workplace as not to assign fault, but to prevent incidents next time circumstances are similar.