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Tarpon Systems International II LLC

Houston, TX. – Tarpon Systems International II LLC today announced the agreement with SumiSaujana Snd Bhd.

Tarpon Systems International II LLC and SumiSaujana Sdn Bhd agreed to the deal terms to establish the JVco “Tarpon Platform Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd”. Tarpon’s recent success in Malaysia and the growing demand for marginal field development solutions is the catalyst for such a JVco. Tarpon is committed to the South East Asia market and believes the JVco will enhance the opportunities.

”We have found a great partner to work with. We are very excited about this deal and are eager to work closely with SumiSaujana and Norazlam Norbi, executive Director.” said Brent Boudreaux President and CEO of Tarpon Systems International II LLC.

Tarpon Systems’ minimal field development structure has proven to be commercially attractive due to its low capital investment, early production availability, and single focal point coordination. Currently, there are over fifty-nine installations worldwide with plans to expand an offshore presence through our enhanced marketing strategies.

About Tarpon Systems International LLC
Tarpon Systems International LLC was founded in 2008 with the focus of providing its global clients a better solution for field development. Couple the tarpon System with over one hundred years of operational experience by the management team, in the execution of field development projects from conception to completion, Tarpon Systems International LLC is poised to position itself as a premier option for upstream offshore oil and gas production development. Tarpon Systems International LLC is based out of Houston, TX.

By: Brent Boudreaux